UC6 Platform

Infrastructure Metering and Marketplace

The UC6 Platform is a unique SaaS platform designed to help organizations improve their utilization and cost management of IT infrastructure. By combining the Workload Allocation Cube – the standardized unit of measurement for computing – with an open and highly flexible architecture, the UC6 Platform helps organizations get the most out of their IT infrastructure. Through one interface, 6fusion users can meter, analyze, and optimize IT infrastructure usage inside and outside their organization.

6fusion is founded on the principle that IT infrastructure is best operated and managed as a utility that provides transparency in IT infrastructure costs, usage, and allocation. With UC6 Platform, enterprises and cloud service providers can drive improved cost and performance outcomes through our unique utility metered approach to IT. The Platform helps organizations:

  • Get up and running quickly without requiring significant investment or training

  • Provide a vendor and platform agnostic IT infrastructure resource pool

  • Gain clear insights into resource cost, consumption, and resource wastage across IT environments

  • Access a public marketplace of IT infrastructure vendors – all available in a normalized, pay-as-you-go consumption model

  • Transition to a simple to use and understand cost allocation mode

  • Participate in the IaaS Open Market for transparent price discovery, and increased buying power

The 6fusion Platform features 3 primary components: