6fusion Overview

6fusion is standardizing the economic measurement of IT infrastructure and cloud services, and providing IT economic transparency to the global market.  With 6fusion’s UC6 Platform, organizations can view and manage the Total Cost of Consumption (TCC) of their business services in real time and achieve a higher level of cost optimization, forecasting accuracy and business agility.

6fusion standardizes the economic measurement of IT infrastructure, enabling a global marketplace for buyers and sellers. How do we do this? Our patented IT infrastructure metering algorithm, called the Workload Allocation Cube, and our industry leading infrastructure metering and reporting platform called UC6 Platform. Together, they give you actionable insights on questions such as:

  • Is your IT infrastructure operating efficiently?
  • How does your IT infrastructure compare to your peers in the open market?
  • How can you improve your IT infrastructure?
  • What does an open infrastructure marketplace mean for your business?

What We Do

6fusion leverages the unprecedented insights gained from IT infrastructure metering to help you understand what the data is telling you and how you can use the data to improve your cost structure, infrastructure efficiency and ultimately make better IT infrastructure decisions.

6fusion is focused on three areas of the infrastructure services market:

About 6fusion

6fusion was founded in 2008 by John Cowan and Delano Seymour with a big idea in mind: To make accessing, consuming and billing IT infrastructure simple and globally ubiquitous in an open marketplace.

Cowan and Seymour believed that in order for a true market for cloud computing to emerge, there needed to be a better way to measure compute, storage and network, both for users as well as suppliers.

This lead to the development of an algorithm designed to radically simplify the metering, consumption and billing of compute, storage and network resources. They called this the Workload Allocation Cube, or WAC. The WAC is the most granular, universal, and only patented metric for metering and delivering cloud computing on the market today.

To learn more about how the WAC is redefining the cloud market, feel free to contact 6fusion.

Next, 6fusion’s founders knew that in order to achieve the real benefit of an open marketplace there needed to be a vendor agnostic technology layer to accomplish two things: Federate infrastructure suppliers and provide a single user interface for users to access the suppliers resources.

So, they set out to create the UC6 Platform – 6fusion’s core infrastructure metering and management platform. UC6 federates data centers and infrastructure resources around the world. For enterprises, it provides a single pane of glass view into globally accessible and available resources to build, customize and manage cloud-based applications and distributed workloads.

To learn more about how UC6 fits into your IT infrastructure strategy, feel free to contact 6fusion.


Check out this video overview of 6fusion’s mission and culture from the 2012 North Carolina Companies to Watch Award ceremony: